Getting Started

To get started with Flickr Downloadr, locate the application shortcut in your start menu.


Pick which type of search you want to use, you can search by text, a specific user or find any photo group you like.


Type the search value.


Here you can preview what you are about to download. If you don't want to download everything, you can use the check boxes to select individual photos. Only photos that are licensed under Creative Commons are allowed to be downloaded.


The tool will suggest a folder automatically for you, based upon the username, search or group name. The folder will be located in your Pictures folder.


This progress dialog will show you the download progress. You can pause the download if you'd like and if you cancel, it will end the download.


When the download is complete, you can click the link to open a folder with the photos.


Here is a preview of some photos downloaded to the local machine.


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Boxscraper Apr 16, 2012 at 8:24 PM 
It would be nice if you could add the ability for it to monitor rss feeds and when new picture showed up then automatically download them.