Flickr Downloadr Enhancement Thoughts

Jul 1, 2010 at 12:09 AM

I was using Flickr Downloader today until I found Flickr Downloadr. What a difference an "e" makes! Flickr Downloadr is "a bit" more robust although there are a few things that would be nice: 1) Remember the download parent directory from the last session; 2) Offer size selection of "large" in addition to "original" because some of the originals are actually 12MB+ and rather a needless waste of disk space; 3) How many to download selector -- instead of choosing several hundred by hand, be able to set 200 or numbers in 100 file increments to download (complying with the copyrights of course); 4) and this is minor -- propose a folder title -- if you searched for "grand canyon" the software could propose something like $FLICKRHOME\$TAG which might resolve to J:\Flickr\_grand_canyon_ for example. Flickr Downloader does a nice job of all of these, but only up to 200 photos (and I'm not sure about copyright compliance -- I don't think it cares) where Flickr Downloadr will potentially download all available photos in the selection. Just a few more options and this would be everything you'd want in a downloader for Flickr. There are other nicesties, such as a list of popular tags that could be displayed when you start the software and authenticate. None of these are really difficult, except perhaps the image size one. And of course there's just one more thing to think about. Flickr Downloader uses the Flickr file name, not number, so there is some documentation that comes along with the image. To resolve duplicates, they append their own sequencial number. Not a bad idea, but I'd use Flickr Downloadr over Flickr Downloader any day. Nice job!

Jul 1, 2010 at 3:11 PM
Thanks for the great feedback! Lots of good ideas which will be implemented. The plan is to move the application from Windows Forms to WPF for additional user experience improvements and better code separation. Thanks again =)