Update History

1st November 2009 - Released 2.0.4 added Windows 7 features, improved download preview.

5th August 2009 - Released 2.0.3 with support for Windows XP.

29th March 2009 - Released 2.0.2 which added filter support on the preview dialog and search by tags.

24th March 2009 - Added links to media coverage of Flickr Downloadr and creatd a Flickr Group.

17th March 2009 - Released 2.0.1 which fixes a few bugs and improves reliability.

14th March 2009 - Flickr Downloadr first public release! All features that is incomplete is disabled.

13th March 2009 - Updated with the latest release of FlickrNet library (2.2.0) and added support for checking the photo license. This means I can finally release the first version of Flickr Downloadr to the public without having problems with the legal issues that some other Flickr downloaders have had in the past time.

18th March 2008 - Updated with latest release of FlickrNet library and added a new way of calculating the original photo URL which relies on API queries. Flickr Downloadr now downloads more reliably all photos from specific users.

Previous Screenshots

Version 2.0.2

Version 2.0

Version 1.0

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