Flickr Downloadr 2.0.4

Photo downloading tool for the photo service. This application will make it easy to download any photo to your local computer. Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and optimized for Windows 7.

Flickr Downloadr is built and provided by cirium. Flickr Downloadr 3 is in the making, built on HTML 5!

Now more than 30.000 total downloads worldwide!

1. Search photos by text, photographer or by group

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2. Preview the photos before you download

Flickr Preview

3. View photos on your local machine after download has completed

Windows Explorer

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While Flickr Downloadr is completely free for you to download and use, you can help and support the project of developing by donating using the button below. Thank you!

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Project Description
Your tool for downloading photos from the photo service. Flickr Downloadr is a simple and efficient tool that runs on Windows XP (new!), Windows Vista and Windows 7. The photo downloading tool will copy full size photos to your local computer.

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